Flat Screen Pivot Monitor Arm

Q-Connect Flat Screen Pivot Black Monitor Arm

For an easy way to make sure that your monitor is always in the position that provides you with the best view, you need this Q-connect pivot arm. This arm is designed to be strong, with the capacity to take a monitor that is up to 25kg in weight. It also provides you with a fantastic rotation of 360 degrees which makes this perfect for easy turning no matter what position you require. This product can be fitted to a table with a thickness of 10mm to 60mm.

  • Monitor arm for the easy positioning of your flat screen
  • Load weight capacity of 25kg
  • Height adjustable range of 300mm
  • Rotation range of 360 degrees
  • High value alternative to branded products
  • Can be fitted to table thickness of 10 - 60mm
Flat Screen Pivot Monitor Arm